“Give me your tired…Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free”

~ excerpt from poem by Emma Lazarus


I help people to move through this world, both physically and emotionally, with more ease and less angst by offering a style of yoga for the flexibly challenged.

The people I work with most often….

  • You’re over 40……You feel like you’re looking after everyone else and never taking time for yourself.  You’re still working – or maybe you’re retired, but you don’t know how you found time to work when you did.  Life seems to be filled with so many responsibilities and obligations.  You don’t always sleep well, you wake up with a few aches and pains and take awhile to get yourself moving.  You can’t remember when you stopped being able to touch your toes.  You wish you could learn to relax and regain some flexibility in your body, while at the same time enjoying yourself and feeling like you’re in the right place, with like-minded people – not surrounded by super flexible 20 year olds in skimpy yoga gear.
  • You’ve got some condition that’s limiting your ability to move with ease in your body – arthritis, osteoporosis, MS, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, cancer…. Something is slowing you down.  You’ve heard about the wonderful benefits of yoga and meditation but you can’t find a class that’s suited to you.  You’d like to reap the benefits of the practice in a way that works for your body in this moment.


We could be a match made in heaven if….

  • you are seeking a yoga practice that is in alignment with your physical abilities in this moment
  • you want to learn to tune in and listen to your body and mind.
  • You’re seeking a respite from life.  Life is hard enough you don’t want to be pushed on the yoga mat
  • You want to finish your yoga practice feeling energized, refreshed and at peace. Not sweaty, in pain and agitated.
  • You’re looking for skills to relax, feel empowered and feel capable of handling whatever comes up